Special shout out to STETS for killing hat shit!!! Keep an eye he’s gonna start playing with us and around town!!!! Dopest dope you’ve ever smoked!!!!

Pt 2 Panaromic!!!!! Special thanks to everyone who let us borrow equipment!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came last night!!! We had a blast and hope you did too!!!! Pt 1 panoramic

Our teaser goes up today!! A web series that we did I the stunts for!!! Coming out soon!!!!

Feature tonight!!! The Human Expirience at Emergency arts!!!

Caught this in Sifu’s office…

New wall! #gabe

Haha Budos band was too fun last night!!! Got too faded, left without saying goodbye and a bird told me I laughed a lot!!! I always have too much fun to remember to post shit so here is some goofy kids at the the Kung fu tournament I had to wake up at 7am to perform at!!!! #gabe

For all the diverse range of mark ass marks, trick ass mark, punk bitches and skip scap skanks and skallywags, hoes, heffers, hee haws and hoolie hoos, WE GOTS A SHOW TONIGHT!!!! We got a special set list for y’all come out the hard hat and have some fun!!!

Show tomorrow night gonna be too fun!!!!!!

Reminder of the show tonight!! Starts at 10 we go on around 11!!!


Show this Friday night at hard hat lounge!!!!! We’ll be playing with a bunch of others so come and enjoy yo self!!!

Tonight be the night!!! Starts at 10 at beauty bar!! Come on out and support some local music $5 to get in $20 all you can drink!! Make sure to mention NOVN at the door!!!! See you there